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Economic Growth, Human and Social Development

A blog by Jennifer Blanke, Vice-President, Agriculture, Human and Social Development.

14 Jun 2019

10 Must-read economics stories of the week, 14 June 2019

2. Don’t Overstretch on Regional Integration. How Europe is already more integrated than the rest of the world in removing barriers to the internal movement of capital, goods and people. (Chatham House)3. At the same time…it has been a year has since EU leaders instructed finance ministers to reach deals to enhance deeper economic integration. Why none have been agreed in full. (Reuters)4. Why an anti-poverty program in Bangladesh failed. Though it looked good in trials, social interventions are much harder to scale up. (The Economist)5. How to address informal cross-border trade...
07 Jun 2019

10 Must-read economics stories of the week, 07 June 2019

2. 16 powerhouse female economists. Check out this list of the female economists who are making waves in a male-dominated profession and changing the way we live and work. (Thrive Global)3. Fighting the fakes. Armed with blockchain and AI, health workers and campaigners are battling bogus medicine counterfeiters. (The Guardian)4. America's business leaders are growing more worried that the United States will enter a recession by the end of 2020. Their reason why may surprise you. (CNN Business)5. The European Central Bank takes action to support the Eurozone economy. The...
31 May 2019

10 Must-read economics stories of the week, 31 May 2019

2. JPMorgan Chase & Co. will pay $5 million to resolve a discrimination claim filed by a male employee.Worker alleged the bank’s parental leave policy was biased against fathers. (Bloomberg)3. Researchers looked at 60 countries and ranked them by technology, business and data skills. See how your country scored. (Harvard Business Review)4. The future of aid. How the global development business is evolving. (The Brookings Institution)5. United States slaps tariffs against all imports from Mexico, rattling investors. The 5% tariffs could rise as high as 25% unless illegal...
24 May 2019

10 Must-read economics stories of the week, 24 May 2019

2. Report: Keeping immigrants out of the U.S. may be a trillion-dollar mistake. Database research compares workers in 42 developing countries, migrants from those countries to the U.S., and American workers themselves. (Quartz)3. Collateral damage of the trade war: U.S. Farmers Want Chinese Market Reopened. (NPR)4. A new report demonstrates that companies with diverse management see significant profit increases.Find out more about this ILO study here. ( Using female voices for AI assistants hurts women, UN report says. Research found default voices reinforce the...
17 May 2019

10 Must-read economics stories of the week, 17 May 2019

2- Looking for a Trade War Winner? There Aren't Any. (Bloomberg)3- The global economy was improving. Then the fighting resumed. (New York Times)4- How emotional intelligence offers a path to gender equity. Mastering emotional intelligence is key. (Forbes)5- Opinion: using cricket to tackle development constraints. The broader lessons of development economics are actually not very different from the broader lessons from India’s fast bowling renaissance. (Live Mint)6- New Zealand's announces world-first ‘wellbeing’ budget to focus on poverty and mental health. Country...
10 May 2019

Civil Society Forum 2019: engaging civil society to accelerate regional integration for Africa’s economic prosperity

This week, the African Development Bank celebrated its tenth annual Civil Society Forum, hosting more than two hundred representatives from civil society and international organizations as well as from governments from across the continent, at the Bank’s headquarters in Abidjan.Organized by the Bank’s Gender, Women and Civil Society Department, this year’s Forum was unique: three days of discussions, presentations, breakout sessions and recommendations dedicated to civil society priorities in Africa. We chose a regional integration theme, so participants could explore the role of civil...
03 May 2019

10 Must-read economics stories of the week, 03 May 2019

2. Despite more women being hired to boardrooms, gender diversity is still low. Listen to the Wall Street Journal reporter and editor Vanessa Fuhrmans explain what's causing this paradoxical problem. (MarketPlace)3. What oil at $100 a barrel would mean for the world economy. Bloomberg answers top questions about who stands to gain – and lose. (Bloomberg)4. OpEd: the world’s next big growth challenge. The economic performance of lower-income developing countries will be crucial to reducing poverty further. (The Council on Foreign Relations)5. Inequality beyond neoliberalism:...
26 Apr 2019

10 Must-read economics stories of the week, 26 April 2019

2. Assembling the world country-by-country, based on economy size. Animations approach the world map from an alternate angle: assembling countries on the map in the order of their economic footprints. (Visual Capitalist)3. New Stanford study shows the economic cost of climate change is more global inequality. Researchers say global warming has led to “robust and substantial declines in economic output in hotter, poorer countries.” (Quartz)4. Video games are associated with impaired social skills for some girls, but not boys. New study suggests that any behavioral effect...