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10 Must-read economics stories of the week, 01 November 2019


A new Global Index offers fascinating looks into forces behind development, why Africa’s “boda bodas” now have an app for that, and celebrating the internet at 50 years old – in this week’s list of the most interesting stories, curated by Bank Vice President Dr. Jennifer Blanke.


1. Tracking the forces threatening the world’s hottest economies. First-of-its-kind Global Economic Index captures the new forces narrowing the path to development. (Bloomberg)


2. Here are the countries on the brink of recession going into 2020. Forbes list comes amid a global slowdown in economic growth. (Forbes)

3. If we’re serious about changing the world, we need a better kind of economics to do it. So say two of the three winners of the 2019 Nobel prize in economics sciences. (The Guardian)

4. The Internet turns 50 this week. Why one Rutgers sociologist says every new innovation is a step on a path started by the earliest humans to express and extend ourselves. (NBC News)

5.Promoting women’s economic development. How can behaviors determined by strong social norms and personal beliefs be harnessed to further development efforts? (Brookings Institution)

6. The United States economy's growth is slowing. But it remains relatively strong. (CNN Business)

7. Hong Kong economy plunges into recession. Demonstrations hit tourism, dampened consumer sentiment and disrupted retailers, the government said. (Sky News)

8. Mega-infrastructure projects in Africa, Asia and Latin America are reshaping development. Why some these infrastructure projects may not foster long-term economic growth and industrialization. (

9. Can Africa become the next European Union? Al Jazeera’s business and economics show Counting the Cost, looks into at Africa's decision to create an economic block. (Al Jazeera)

10. Why motorbike taxi apps are scrambling for Africa. Some estimates suggest sub-Saharan Africa's “boda boda” market could be worth around $80 billion. (BBC News)


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