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10 Must-read economics stories of the week, 13 December 2019


A 34-year-old Minister becomes Finland’s youngest-ever Prime Minister, why some warn climate change could bring ‘economic disaster and how Ghana’s #YearOfReturn campaign hit a major milestone. Here is a look at the week’s most interesting stories, curated by Bank Vice President Dr. Jennifer Blanke.

1. Finland’s new prime minister is the world’s youngest. Female leaders are still rare elsewhere in Europe (The Economist)


2. UN Secretary General warns climate change could fuel ‘economic disaster.’ He cited study showing that shifting to a low-carbon economy could create 65 million new jobs worldwide by 2030 and boost growth by $26 trillion dollars. (PBS NewsHour)

3. The Harvard and MIT economists finding new ways to fight global poverty. Check out why these Nobel Prize winners have been named among Boston’s honored citizens. (The Boston Globe)

4. Research: gender diversity on start-up boards is worse than you think. U.S. corporate boards remain overwhelmingly male, despite high-profile pushes to increase their representation of women. (Harvard Business Review)

5. Canada, U.S., Mexico sign agreement on USMCA. A Canadian take on the amended pact that comes after years of negotiations. (Toronto Sun)

6.How is Brexit impacting the UK economy? Follow the ups and downs in this Guardian tracker. (The Guardian)

7. African countries borrowing like it’s the 1990s, worries the IMF. But the continent is far from debt stress, says African Development Bank. (Bloomberg)

8. Show me the money. How do we finance social protection for the future of work in Africa? (Brookings Institution)

9. Economists struggle to figure out where Africa’s informal economy starts or where it ends. Why many African economies encourage small and medium-sized business to remain informal. (Quartz Africa)

10. How to spark a global movement. Ghana’s ‘Year Of Return’ welcomes one million visitors. (Forbes)

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