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10 Must-read economics stories of the week, 20 December 2019


Some of the sharpest minds on the planet predict what economic, human and social development ideas will shape the new year, the index that tracks the cost of the “12 Days of Christmas,” and why some say the next decade in tech belongs to Africa. Here is a look at the week’s most interesting stories, curated by Bank Vice President Dr. Jennifer Blanke.


1. 25 ideas that will shape the 2020s. Fortune asked 25 of the sharpest minds to weigh in. (Fortune)

2. How much do the “12 Days of Christmas” cost, anyway? Gift items cited in popular Christmas song, tallied in PNC Christmas Price Index. (KRQE News)

3. What was the big story in economics over the last decade? Ten scholars from the Brookings Economics Studies program weigh in. (Brookings Institute)

4. What if the global economy’s luck runs out? Trade tensions have eased and markets are steady, but politicians must make growth inclusive. (The Guardian)

5. The changing face of economics. New portrait series of economists charts a field that evolving – but slowly. (Financial Times)

6. Most of us won't live to see gender equality achieved worldwide, according to a new study. Survey concluded that milestone is almost 100 years away. (CNN Business)

7. The U.S. economy may be expanding, but it's taking the low road to growth. See the new study from the Cambridge Journal of Economics. (

8. Italy becomes Africa’s sixth-largest global investor. Nigeria and South Africa are main recipients of foreign direct investment, according to UN study. (The Africa Report)

9. Which African countries are set to have strongest economic growth in 2020? One expert says it’s not about the minerals. (Xinhua news agency)

10. The next decade belongs to Africa as technology ripples through the continent. Is Africa’s economic renaissance closer than we think? (MarketWatch)


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