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10 Must-read economics stories of the week, 20 September 2019


Which capitalists are backing up talk about climate-friendly investments with investment dollars, billionaire Bill Gates’ latest take on global inequality, and U.S.-China trade negotiators are set to head to the farm – here’s this week’s list of most interesting stories, curated by Bank Vice President Dr. Jennifer Blanke.


  1. Climate capitalists have serious money in climate-friendly investments. The Economist’s special climate issue says investors expect serious returns. (The Economist)

2. Bill Gates says where you were born is the biggest predictor of your success. Why some say that is a glaring sign of global inequality. (Business Insider)

3. The test results that best explain the STEM gender gap are not the math scores. New study analyzed data on 300,000 teenagers across 64 countries. (Quartz at work

4. Negative interest rates have been a feature of the Japanese, many European economies for years. Now the concept may be getting traction in the U.S. (Wharton Knowledge)

5. Could a face-to-face meeting between U.S./China trade negotiators and the American farmers whose finances have been deteriorating in the trade war, help end it? A Chinese delegation heads to the farm next week. (CNBC)

6. The Bank of England warns “entrenched uncertainty” around Brexit could drag on the UK economy. Interests rates held unchanged at 0.75%. (Yahoo Finance)

7. Mistakes to avoid when investing the Middle East and North Africa. Top tips from an insider. (Financial Times)

8. Saudi Arabia says it sees little economic damage from Aramco attack as IPO presses on. The Aramco IPO is a pillar of the Kingdom’s ambitious economic diversification drive. (Reuters)

9. When it comes to addressing climate change, gender matters. New report indicates gender equality is necessary for efforts to mitigate and adapt to climate change in Africa. (Ensia)

10. Africa in Focus. The Global South and development assistance. (Brookings Institution)


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