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10 Must-read economics stories of the week, 25 October 2019


New global wealth report tracks world’s rising number of millionaires, insights into World Food Prize 2019, and check out the app that aims to map the true scale of global poverty – all in this week’s list of the most interesting stories, curated by Bank Vice President Dr. Jennifer Blanke.


1. Millions of millionaires. New global wealth report indicates their numbers are rising around the world. (The Economist)

2. Better seed quality, concerns over climate change top agenda at World Food Prize. Your wrap of this year’s ceremony. (Devex)

3. Globalization is ending. Here’s how to prepare for what’s next. (Barron’s)

4. The global boom in non-bank financing. Where is the money going? (Financial Times)

5. Geospatial peacekeeping: How soldiers and technology can help fight poverty. (Brookings Institution)

6. United States trade war collateral damage is being felt from the fjords of Iceland to the auto factories of Japan. Track the wave. (

7. Locking China out of the dollar system could backfire on America. Washington’s possible new front in economic war on China, explained. (MarketWatch)

8. Getting paid: the best African country to be a startup CEO or developer is South Africa (Quartz)

9. Less than a third of Africa’s population has access to broadband. Achieving universal, affordable and quality internet access will require a US$100 billion investment. (Modern Diplomacy)

10. African Slum Map Exposes True Scale of Urban Poverty. New “Million Neighborhoods” project aims to map the whole world – eventually. (Voice of America)





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