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10 Must-read economics stories of the week, 31 January 2020


The coronavirus is testing the market’s faith in the global economy, and Africa could bear the brunt of the outbreak; how digital financial services often prey on the poor; and why putting a price on African startup funding is debatable – here’s your list of this week’s most interesting stories, curated by Bank Vice President Dr. Jennifer Blanke.

1. Investors struggle to determine whether the coronavirus outbreak could upend bets on a recovery. (Wall Street Journal)

2. U.S. Federal Reserve chief calls coronavirus threat a ‘significant’ factor in global economic outlook. But the Federal Reserve left its key interest rate intact. (Los Angeles Times)

3. China's economy was supposed to get a boost this year. The coronavirus makes that unlikely. (CNN Business)

4. How digital financial services can prey upon the poor. Data can be used to exploit as well as help them. (The Economist)

5. Education plus development. Rethinking the critical role of data to improve teaching and learning. (Brookings Institution)

6. No end to Brexit blight for economy as Britain leaves the EU. Brexit uncertainty could plague the British economy for years. (Bloomberg)

7. This will be Africa’s century. Demographics will fuel the continent’s rise in a world of shrinking working-age populations. (Financial Times)

8. Everyone agrees African startup funding is soaring. But no one can agree by how much. (Quartz)

9. The world's forgotten crises. Nine out 10 of them are in Africa. (The Guardian)

10. Africa-Chinese trade raises spectre of coronavirus outbreak across African continent. For many African states, China is the main trading partner. (RFI)

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